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This page is dedicated to showcasing restaurants in Star Valley.  We go to restaurants, eat our favorite dish or their signature dish, and report our experiences.  Disclaimer: We do not get paid for this, nor accept bribes, other than possibly a free meal.  We are not chefs or snooty connoisseurs of fine or European dining, just normal people going out to eat and telling you what we think.  And being brutally honest. 

Just had the pleasure of stopping into the Wagon Wheel Cafe in Thayne.  Used to be "Hub's Smokin' Grill", which I ate at a few times.  Not sure if the management is the same, and they just changed the name, of if the staff are the same.  Didn't have time to ask. 

This day was a rush (at lunch time).  There were some problems with orders.  When I inquired, the main hostess/waitress said it was her first day.  I wouldn't hold that against them.  We've all been there. 

The guy beside me at the bar had eggs, sausage, & hash browns.  They serve breakfast all day.  I was tempted - it looked good, especially the big round of sausage. I looked over the menu.  Normal "burger joint" fare.  I wasn't too hungry, so I chose the normal Cheeseburger dish (they have bigger ones), with onion rings.  I chose Cheddar cheese, since they offer a choice of cheeses (people in Star Valley seem to love Swiss cheese, I don't).  After I got it, I ran over to the salad bar and put some Bleu cheese on it.  Cheddar & Bleu together - yummmm! 

The bun was not the greatest, but better than most.  Burger was bigger than most.  Good size.  Half-pound?  Cooked well, and a decent flavor all by itself.  Lettuce, onions, and tomatoes all fresh.  Onion rings were slightly soggy, but very good breading and taste.  I suggest most restaurants deep-fry at a slightly higher temperature and for a shorter amount of time, to braze the outside of the fries and onion rings, but let the inside just get hot enough to be cooked. 

When I was done, I noticed that they had pie, and one of my favorites.  I asked if they made their pies there or bought them.  They said they made them, so I couldn't resist:  I had a piece of Coconut Creme pie.  Very good.  Small size, but the price was equally small. 

Note:  this place gives discounts (15%?) to vets.  So to all veterans: go to the Wagon Wheel Cafe in Thayne, and get a good meal! 

Wagon Wheel Cafe:  100 Wright St. | Thayne, WY 83127 – (307) 883-5770  |  No Web Site

 ~ AndyO 

Our first restaurant is one of my favorites, Rocky Mountain Seafood.  You'd be surprised to find a great seafood place at the top of the Rocky Mountains.  I mean, do they go ice fishing in the Winter?  I'm not a fish-lover.  I usually ask for the "fish that doesn't taste like fish".  And I really don't like shellfish, like clams, mussels, etc.  Anyway, I had my favorite dish there: Salmon Parmesan. 
The Salmon is always cooked to a perfect pink (mauve or you truly discerning types), and the cheese is melted to a slightly golden-brown on top.  I usually don't put any tarter sauce or any other flavorings on top, since it usually tastes pretty good as it is.  Maybe some pepper.  The fries are usually cooked correctly, slightly over-cooked like I like them, a little crunchy, not greasy. 

This time around, the cheese was a little greasy or oily, but that's unusual.  I really like this dish at this place.  One of my favorites. Please stop in and try one of their dishes yourself. 

Rocky Mountain Seafood:  492 S. Washington St. | Afton, WY 83110 – (307) 885-2722  |  http://rockymountainseafoodllc.com/ 
 ~ AndyO